Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time
from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.

We started business in 2006.  We are always hiring. 

Lifebushido believes that people at home, such as stay-at-home-moms, are an incredibly capable and vastly underutilized group of people for getting great work completed.

  • The work involves all the work needed to run the ventures listed on this website. 
  • The work starts at 5 hours per week.  If your work is good, you can increase to up to 20 hours per week.  After a few months, we mutually explore your unique talents and the needs of Lifebushido ventures to determine the best work to fit your unique talents.
  • We hire people from around the world.  Lifebushido is run solely by people working part-time from home around the world.
If interested in finding out more information and applying for a job, please email  You will receive an email to get details about our company and start the job application process.

Special Project - Mom MBAs
We are seeking 100 stay-at-home-moms who are MBA graduates of top 25 business schools for a top secret project.  For more information, tell us about yourself, your MBA school/year, and area of speciality and email

As of January 2011
  • Jobs: We have had over 6,000 job inquiries, about 1,700 job applications, hired about 300 people and have about 100 people working with Lifebushido in the last month.
  • Clients: We have about 70+ clients and we grew about 40% in 2009 and grew 70% in 2010.  Our growth rate is increasing.